Founding Director

Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi

Liane holds an MFA in arts administration from Columbia University in New York and a BA magna cum laude in art history from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Liane’s original techniques for training artists can be traced to her art history background, which led her to journalism, writing about artists, and to discovering the wonders of art exhibitions in Tokyo department stores. A trip to Japan in 1987 was the beginning of her thirty-year life in Tokyo, where she married, raised her two children, and came intuitively upon the techniques and philosophy known as Genesis Art.

Liane began painting on her 36th birthday on August 25th, when she was still a freelance journalist. She has been painting, drawing, and exhibiting ever since. The Genesis Cards are taken from Liane’s sketchbooks and canvases done over a twelve-year period. They were published bilingually in English and Japanese as The Genesis Way, a deck of cards with a guidebook, in 2008. About this time, she opened her first art studio, Genesis art Lounge, where she developed the 12-session Genesis Art Foundation course in English and Japanese. Liane has exhibited widely in Japan, won awards for her artwork, and since 2017 has made Jerusalem her home.

Liane currently offers Genesis Art sessions on Zoom, online private sessions, and Genesis Art Teacher Training, and leads a highly-trained team of teachers who are qualified to introduce Genesis Art Workshops in Japan, and teach the 12-session Genesis Art Foundation course.

2020 certified
genesis art teachers

2020 certified genesis art teachers