From your imagination you never know what's going to arise...until you draw it out!

“There’s a piece of the creator inside every one of us. But perhaps you haven’t drawn in years, or you’re shy to share your true colors.  Let me take you to meet your inner artist with the Genesis Cards that I created to help you tap into the limitless potential of your artist within.  You may be amazed by what awaits you from a free mind, positive thoughts and 44 Genesis Cards that align with your highest aspirations. In Genesis Art Workshops, when your artistic wisdom  synchronizes with the art on the Genesis Cards, your confidence soars.”

Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi
Creator of the Genesis Cards
Founding Director of Genesis Art Intuitive Academy

Creator of the Genesis Cards and head instructor at Genesis Art Workshops

Genesis Art Intuitive Academy

Genesis Art Intuitive Academy offers classes in "the big picture" — painting, drawing, and writing. At the heart of all workshops are the 44 Genesis Cards. The bright imagery and positive messages on the Genesis Cards help you awaken the artist within and fall in love with your creativity. Liane Wakabayashi and her certified Genesis Art Teachers team offer online workshops each week live on Zoom and by appointment. Come discover something new and wonderful about yourself, and celebrate how interconnected our lives truly are.

Our Workshops

Genesis Art Workshops are focused each session on themes of creating uplifting intuitive art, building community, and — in these unsettling times — building immunity. I feel creative endeavors at this time give us the strength of clarity to make good decisions and keep in the light—what we all need right now.