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Liane Wakabayashi


Journalist, Genesis Card creator, and Founding Director of Genesis Art Workshops, Japan and Israel

Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi holds an MFA in arts administration from Columbia University in
New York City, the city where she was raised. Liane made Japan her home from 1987-2017,
after being sent on assignment as a young journalist. Marriage to a Japanese acupuncturist
and two children are at the heart of The Wagamama Bride, a memoir she wrote the
complexities of international marriage, and creating a Jewish home in Tokyo with a Buddhist-
Shinto husband.
In Tokyo in 2007, when her children were young, she opened Genesis Art Lounge, and in
2009, Genesis Art Workshops, a thriving center for creative empowerment and personal
development based on The Genesis Way, her original deck of 44 cards with uplifting messages (available in Japanese, English and Hebrew editions and as a free app called Genesis Art Cards.)The Genesis Cards attract a worldwide community who can learn directly from Liane online and in live retreats how to draw and paint intuitively, and engage in deep conversations about art and synchronicity.
In 2017 after a long career writing for The Japan Times, ANA Airline’s Wingspan Magazine,
among other publications, Liane became an Israeli citizen and feature writer for The Jerusalem
Post Magazine. As the author of the memoir, The Wagamama Bride, A Jewish Family Saga
Made in Japan, Liane is a witty and articulate public speaker, available to engage on topics
related to international marriage, multicultural child-raising, the secret Genesis Art life of a
journalist, Israel today–seriously, and a lot more.
To find out about Genesis Art private lessons for the 12-part Genesis Art Foundation Course,
online workshops, holiday retreats, and private lessons, see  http://www.genesiscards.com or
contact Liane directly at
ジャーナリスト、直感アート教師、ジェネシス カードの制作者、ジェネシス ア
ート ワークショップの創設ディレクター
、1987年から2017年まで日本で生活しました。 日本人鍼灸師との結婚や2人の



子どもたちが小さかった 2007 年、彼女は東京でジェネシス アート ラウンジを
オープンし、2009 年にはジェネシス アート ワークショップをオープンしまし
た。そして高揚感を与えるメッセージが書かれた 44 枚のカードからなる彼女の
オリジナル デッキであるジェネシス ウェイに基づいた、創造的なエンパワーメ
版、ヘブライ語版があり、ジェネシス アート カードと呼ばれる無料アプリとし
て入手できます。)ジェネシス カードは世界中のコミュニティを魅了しており
・マガジンの特集ライターになりました。 回顧録『The Wagamama Bride, A
Jewish Family Saga Made in Japan(ワガママな花嫁、メイド・イン・ジャパン


トレッスン)の詳細については、http://www.genesiscards.com をご覧いただく


Hatsumi Tonegawa

利根川初美(とねがわ はつみ)

2019年 ジェネシスアートに出会い夢中になる。
2022年 二科静岡支部展、二科展入選 F100号サイズの大きな海の絵で支部長受賞
Contact Hatsumi:  hatsu@823design.jp   http://823design.jp
Hatsumi Tonegawa was born 1967 and raised in Shizuoka, Japan.
After graduating from Shizuoka University with a degree in education, she joined an
advertising agency as a graphic designer and worked there for five and a half years. In
October 1995, she started her own business, working in graphic design and illustration.
In 2019, Hatsumi discovered Genesis Art, fell in love with it, and began her training. In
2021, she became a certified Genesis Art instructor. In 2022 she won the top prize for
Shizuoka in the nationwide Nika exhibition for a monumental-size seaside painting.
Besides her great love of art, the ocean, space, cats, freedom, Hatsumi enjoys the rare
day off and taking it easy.
Contact Hatsumi:  hatsu@823design.jp

Shoko Uchiya

“Approaching life from both the mental and physical aspects, from the inside out and the outside in.”

After graduating from university, Shoko worked as an editor at a major publishing house
for seven years. After, she focused on raising her three creatively gifted, talented
children. In 2007, Shoko met Liane at the school their children both attended, and became one of the first students of Genesis Art. In 2021, Shoko became a certified
Genesis Art instructor, and through the COVID-19 period, she established Art as Life, to enhance the quality of life through art.
ちを育てることに専念。2007年子どもの教育を通してLianeと知り合い、Genesis Art
の最初の生徒の1人になる。2021年ジェネシスアート認定講師となる。 コロナ期を経
Contact Shoko: art.as.life2024@gmail.com


Akiko Tamagawa

Child and Women’s Psychiatrist and Genesis Art Instructor

“My life has been enriched by expressing my inner self through Genesis Art. This awareness
has helped me to find balance in my personal life, and to have a deeper relationship
with my family and young child.”
Akiko’s study of Genesis Art led to her becoming an instructor in 2021. She still regularly
participates in Genesis art sprints.
Contact Akiko: akikotamagawa.genesisart1@gmail.com

Contact Akiko: akikotamagawa.genesisart1@gmail.com