Artists Influence Each Other in the Creative Process

A Genesis art trial session is an intimate partnering experience between a few people, sometimes only you and me.

I’m drawing with you. There are no rules to get started. Just pick up crayons and draw.

I want you to see what I’m drawing and if you feel compelled to imitate the first strokes of my art in order to rev up and get into your own drawing, then this is good.

If you don’t want to be influenced by my art or others’ art, this is good too. You may choose not to look at the other drawings being made around you.

But at some point, we do look. We bring a session to completion by looking, discussing, and noting the connections.

This is where the artwork becomes transpersonal. We think we are making art for ourselves. About ourselves. But when we create in the company of one or more artist, our creativity is having its impact on more than the creator alone.

This realization, that artists influence each in the creative process, intentionally and unintentionally, is at the heart of the Genesis Art Workshop experience.

Drawing at home alone used to be a solitary experience but with uploading jpegs onto the internet so much simplified over the years to a few clicks of a smart phone, we have so many more options for sharing the mysteries of our creative processes. And opening up carefully, with discretion, to the most uplifting of influences.

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