Drawing in Your Nature Sanctuary

A hot day but for today’s Level 2 workshop, this is the cool-down formula: find a fountain or pond. Ours was a fountain-pond (both!) n Baji Park. Hear the trickling of water, feel the gentle breeze. SIt down wherever you feel led to sit. Then ask yourself why here? Why this particular corner of the pond? Write your reasons down on the back of the sketchpaper. So many possible reasons: Comfort. A place to sit. Shade. And also aesthetic reasons. A lovely rustic fence to meet the eyes. Trees as far as the eyes can see. Jot your reasons down and then start drawing what you see and as much as possible ignore your sketchpaper. Afterwards, look at your drawing. Look at the list of reasons. Does your picture incorporate all your reasons? If so, you are giving yourself good nurturing, taking care of your needs, honoring what serves you in life. If you don’t put everything into the picture that was on the list, no worries. You can add them now. And as you do you’ll discover the wondrous harmony that results from giving yourself all that you deserve — in life and in art.

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