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Join a warm community of intuitive artists you’ll very quickly call friends…

Genesis Art Light and Shadow Workshops

Private Workshops in Haifa


Haifa is a lush green paradise just minutes away from some of the best Mediterranean beaches Israel has to offer. Outdoor Plein Air drawing and painting workshops in Haifa by appointment. 

Reasonable rates and flexible hours will turn your stay in Haifa into a creative adventure with unforgettable memories.

I’m here in Haifa waiting to connect with your group, family, partner or alone!


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Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops

Weekly lessons plus private WhatsApp group membership

Genesis Intuitive Art Workshops are focused each session on themes of creating uplifting intuitive art, building community, and — in these unsettling times — building immunity. I feel creative endeavors at this time give us the strength of clarity to make good decisions and keep in the light—what we all need right now.

Genesis Art Garden Master Course 2023

An 12-month program for a small group of artists worldwide Leading to creation of a personal deck of intuitive cards made by your intuitive artist within