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Every time I make a piece, I feel as if it’s meant to be born to the world. Thanks to Liane for making it happen!

TS, Jerusalem


“I often think what am I going to do? How do I start? Genesis Art gives me a place to go. I’m able to lose that self-consciousness. The positivity aspect, bright colors, and thoughtful expression of your Genesis workshop allowed and encouraged me to play and make art. Thank you for convincing me to give it a try on-line too!! It helps me keep it going and wanting to do more.”

KC, New Mexico


“I was very happy to take the foundation course online. It was difficult to make time for it as I was very busy, but I think I’ve improved m ability to express myself and

look at myself. Most importantly, I think the child part of me has been revitalized.”

A.K., MD Tokyo 


“Thank YOU Liane, the class was the highlight of my weekend.”
EA, Essex, England


“I was absolutely amazed how my drawing connected me to a Genesis card. I have to admit that I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I am very happy I gave it a try.”
MB, North Carolina


“The Genesis Way opens the door to exploring and developing art skills by using one’s intuition. I loved the experience, especially as I wasn’t sure what I would learn. I guess my angels just took my hand and led me.”
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