“Thank you Liane! I really think a switch has been flipped.”

DP, Bellingham, WA
134294814_394628974942298_8857172722335167040_n (1)

“What a terrific session - I am filled with so much gratitude for each of you and the special connection we share!”

KSP, Woodstock, New York.

“A most rewarding lesson!!!! And to boot, I get a piece of art especially made for me by such a wonderful artist!”

MP, California

“What I really loved most was hearing everyone's comments and seeing what they created. Thank you for encouraging me!”

KC, Albq, New Mexico
Yayoi Ono

“This exercise opened up the possibility of a doorway to express inner creativity.”

YO, Nagano, Japan


Excerpts from My Memoir, “The Marriage Out” A Jewish Family Made in Japan

Chanukah Miracle: The Chabad Rabbi From Tokyo at My Mother’s Grave

I just couldn’t appreciate what it must have been like for my mother to grow up in a city where you are the micro-minority—that is, until I moved to Tokyo…

Mikvah off the Coast of Tokyo

On the appointed evening, the Rebbetzin turned up in front of my house with the rabbi idling the van in the driver’s seat…

How Simchat Torah in Tokyo Touched My Faith

The table was crowded with people I wouldn’t expect to see at a Chassidic gathering…

A Desk In Japan Brings Back Memories Of An American Jewish Childhood

A household of perfectly matching teak furniture — and a solitary refuge, a teak island of a desk — couldn’t save my parents’ increasingly unhappy marriage…

My Japanese Daughter’s Coming of Age Ceremony In Jerusalem

For my Japanese mother-in-law, my moving to Israel was a disaster — and not just because I was tearing the family apart…

Asian Jewish Life – Cover Story – Issue 12 – A Wagamamma Bride

Aki worked for Akahigedo, a traditional Eastern medicine clinic that based its work ethic on the old Edo practice of training staff to surpass acupuncture and shiatsu technique. To become a master, you had to become acquainted with your own soul…

Asian Jewish Life – Feature – Becoming Observant in Tokyo: A Personal Shabbat Journey – Issue 13

This is the account of my journey in-progress toward becoming Shabbos- observant in Tokyo. I have been married for 22 years to Akihiko Wakabayashi…

Other writings about Jewish Life Between Japan and Jerusalem

Get the latkes out for Hanukkah in Japan

When Binyomin Edery, the chief rabbi of Japan, was a child growing up in the farming village of Kfar Chabad in Israel, the nine-pronged menorah could be seen everywhere during the winter Hanukkah festival. So when he arrived in Japan during Hanukkah 18 years ago, …

Inside Eitanim psychiatric hospital

A mother’s candid firsthand account of her bipolar daughter’s stay – and her own battle to cope…

The Untold Story of Japan’s Oskar Schindler

Willy Foerster saved Jews fleeing the Nazis by employing them in his Tokyo factory but was framed as a collaborator after the war and has remained largely unknown…

Meet the Artist: Liane Wakabayashi

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born in Montreal, raised and educated in the New York City area (Queens and Great Neck), graduated with a BA in…

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