Drawing animals at Ueno Park … and hearing what they have to say!

If you’re an animal lover, and believe — like I do, that animals just love to communicate with us, then come join me for an immensely enjoyable morning drawing animals that speak to you at Ueno Park. I’ll introduce you to a simple and intuitive way of drawing any animal that you’re attracted to–through intuition. […]

Genesis Art Workshop in Taikoukyo, Kyoto

Surrounded by a soft carpet of green moss, Taikoukyo is an antique teahouse hidden away in a quiet residential neighborhood in western Kyoto that is well worth a visit. http://taikoukyo.com/ Thank you to Naoko Kamimura for finding this magical venue for an afternoon retreat that was calming, centering and ever so inspirational! View the slideshow […]

Golden Week Womens’ Retreat in Shiga Prefecture

For our friends and former students who couldn’t join us this Golden Week, here’s an overview of a workshop I hope you’ll consider joining us for in the future. Here in this slide show you’ll see us blissing out as we do art in the exquisite Taneya Restaurant in Omi Hachiman, then move on to […]

When your hear Genesis Art, what comes to mind?

If you’re familiar with the Bible, you know that Genesis is the story of creation, taking us from pre-creation to the birth of the world, the splitting of sky from oceans, fixing sun, moon and stars in the skies, the birth of all living creatures, birds, fish and animals, and finally man and woman. And […]

Kyoto Journal introduces Genesis Art to Japan Lovers!

Dear Friends, My article about the 20 year history of the Genesis Cards and Genesis Art Workshops is now available in downloadable Kyoto Journal. A single issue costs ¥1000. It’s such an elegant and finely edited journal with stories that originate in Japan but touch readers worldwide. Please do take a look and take advantage […]

Tokyo Unitarian Fellowship Meeting introduces Genesis Art

The Smiling Self Knows Exactly what to Draw Sunday’s workshop at International House was wonderful!! The challenge here was to draw your face without a mirror, simply by smiling as you drew your own face. Afterwards to most peoples’ surprise the colors in these portraits aligned with the colors on the cards and led to […]

Origami Family Collage Workshop

Origami Family Collage: Think Outside the Box with the Genesis Cards Do have a dream for family life that calls for a calm, clear-headed, step by step action plan? In this Genesis Art Workshop, suited to beginners new to the Genesis Cards, you’ll learn a collage technique that leads to the creation of beautiful works […]

Cherry Blossoms: A Genesis Art Foundation Workshop

Cherry Blossoms: A Genesis Art Foundation Workshop 3/28, 3/30, 3/31 Full 12-Session Training Over 3 Days 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Limited to six participants Regularly ¥36,000 Special offer: ¥30,000 includes Genesis Cards and Guidebook Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo session: March 28, 30, 31 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) Special First Day Sampler!! Monday March 28 If […]

Golden Week Women’s Retreat in Beautiful Shiga Prefecture

Golden Week Women’s Retreat in Beautiful Shiga Prefecture With Liane Wakabayashi and Rebecca Otowa Thursday 4/28 to Sunday 5/1 Regularly: ¥60,000 Special discount: ¥45,000 To request a full schedule of activities and register: lianewakabayashi@gmail.com or call Liane at 090-4122-6626 Come join a small group of awesome creative women at Rebecca Otowa’s historic home, featured in […]