When the power animal appears powerless

At Ueno Zoo 10/30 I had a drawing experience like nothing I’ve ever had before and it made me mighty uncomfortable. I had chosen as my “power animal” a rather jovial duck who struck me in taking a pose I know well from yoga–Vrksasana, or tree pose. An interesting aside about tree pose. The great […]

Cultivating the Inner Smile

Make a self-portrait that you will just love hanging on your wall! Self-Portraiture is such a pleasure when you realize that you don’t need a mirror to catch a likeness of who you really are. This is one of my favorite exercises, as it reaches to the heart of Genesis Art –cultivating the inner smile. […]

Flight of the Power Animal

There’s an exercise we do at the zoo for drawing our “power animal” and it’s surprising to see what animals that artists unconsciously choose to guide them back to recognition of the immensity of their intuitive awareness. Here’s one beautiful story about how an artist drew flamingos after circling the zoo looking for a “stronger” […]

Paradise in the City: Join a Genesis Art Workshop in Shinjuku Gyoen

When: Sunday October 16th 1:00-5:00 pm Where: Shinjuku Gyoen, Sendagaya and Genesis Art Studio, Akihabara Fee: ¥3,000 Reservations accepted till Saturday night 12 pm.   This time of year is magical. The days are getting cooler. The colors of autumn are firing the imagination. Join me this Sunday October 16th for a spectacular afternoon drawing […]

A Dialogue with Trees in Ueno

At Genesis Art Workshops we draw a lot of trees because they are so soothing and calming. You can get to better know yourself through your own relationship with trees. I will be offering a workshop on October 10th on this deepening theme of trees. Ueno Park’s leafy green sanctuary will be our drawing setting, offering  us so much […]

Intuitive drawing at an Indian Concert Sunday 9/11

  Live Concert in Eikota, Tokyo, 9/11/2016   Marina Ahmad Indian Music Concert-and drawing:  from 5:00-6:00 pm. A little girl noticed I was drawing from her seat at the edge of Marina’s makeshift cloth-covered stage. The seat next to me was empty and it didn’t take much time for the sweet girl, Himaru, to sidle […]

Drawing Sunflowers As Far As the Eye Can See

An intuitive drawing workshop with Liane Wakabayashi and the Genesis Cards When: Sunday 9/4 14:00-17:00 Where: Kiyose Sunflower Festival, Shimo Kioto 3-chome, Kiyose-shi, Saitama Participation Fee: ¥3,000 Ready to feel like Vincent van Gogh for an afternoon? Even if you haven’t drawn a single flower in years–if not decades, this is an amazing chance to […]

Wellness Retreat in Rural Chiba August 24-28!

       Wellness Retreat: Genesis Art and Yoga  with  Liane Wakabayashi and Khine Adler in newly reopened Kominka at Brown’s Field! Discover, play, relax and learn from your wise intuitive artist with drawing and painting  sessions Relax and refresh your body and mind at daily yoga workshops conducted by certified yoga teacher Khine Adler (daily early […]

Alishan Cafe and Genesis Art Workshop in Koma, Saitama

Enjoy a blissful afternoon drawing and painting trees right next to the woody workshop space at Alishan’s —the best vegetarian restaurant in Saitama. Experience heart opening by simply drawing a few lines on the paper and watch these lines develop into fully realized, colorful and deeply detailed drawings of real live trees.  Sunday July 17th […]

My Home is in Sunday’s Yomiuri Shimbun

On Sunday with the Yomiuri Shimbun on the table opened casually by my husband to the art section, there on the top page my eyes did a quick scan of a huge half-page photograph. Usually this is as far as I get “reading” the Sunday Yomiuri. But the house stopped me in my tracks because it […]