A Positive Feeling Toward the Artist Within

This article about positivity on Chabad.org today reminded me how yesterday, in the Genesis art workshop in Yemin Moshe, one woman became really critical of her drawing. She didn’t want to take it home because overall she deemed it chaotic and ugly. I showed her with a small frame how details were incredibly alive and […]

How 3 Roads Became the Hebrew Letter Shin

  I’d like to share with you a story about the ability of art to amaze. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Adventure Card. After all, it was me who created it. Three paths zig-zagging up Mount Fuji–I recall the day I painted it because I was tucked away in […]

Welcome to the New Site!

Thank you for both your new interest and ongoing participation in Genesis Art Workshops! We’re excited to introduce you to this new format. Look for new goodies to join and be inspired by in the weeks ahead.

On the 25th Anniversary of Sachiko Adachi’s Passing

Today June 20th, 2018,  marks 25 years since the artist Sachiko Adachi left this earth for–as she put it– another dimension and another mission. Her cosmic art legacy, her uplifting words, her gemlike books live on. To LIve As We Are is available on Amazon.co.jp at four times the price it retailed for when we published it […]

What do Israelis gain by delving into Japanese culture?

Israelis, I’m discovering fast, have a lot to teach me about the nation and the culture I lived amongst for thirty years. I choose my words carefully when I say “amongst.” To live with the Japanese traditions day in and out with the goal of perfecting one of their classic art forms is something that […]

Shalom from Yemin Moshe! Genesis Art Workshops has a new base in Israel!

Genesis Art Workshops has a new home and a new studio location in the quaint 19th century cobble stoned village of Yemin Moshe. I can’t wait to share my inspirational neighborhood with you, both the beauty, the spectacular views and the techniques I’ve brought with me from Japan, my home for thirty years. Formerly the […]

An Important Announcement

This week I don’t know what makes me happier. That I became a new Israeli citizen or that after months of being locked out of this website I found the elusive password! Both bring tears of joy to my eyes. Seriously, now that I am back in the wordpress saddle, I’d like to tell you […]

Rachel Joy Scott’s Rose: A Healing Force in Life and Death

Today here in Israel I heard an incredible story about a young woman called Rachel Joy Scott who very very sadly was the first to be massacred in the Columbine shootings. She was a talented actress, and also used to draw in her journals. On the morning of her death, she drew in her journal […]