The Intention on the Back

What exactly is intuitive art? In a word, intention. The intention is like a seed you plant on the back of the empty sketch paper before you begin. The seed is a word, or a few words, that describe what you want to receive from your own artwork. Yes, receive it. A gifted artist–we all […]

Kind Words on the Artist’s Journey

Remember streaking? It was a short-lived craze mostly done by meshugena who would run through the streets naked. Well, if you’re new to drawing, sharing your art can feel a lot like streaking. You might feel vulnerable. You might feel judged. But you do it anyway. You might talk yourself out of even trying to […]

Color in your Drawings the Genesis Way

If you’re new to Genesis Art, you may be wondering about colors. You’ll notice a vibrancy and palette that takes you back to childhood, when you were free to create brightly and boldly. You’ll also notice the absence of black, grey and brown.   What is the reasoning behind drawing with the rainbow colors? What’s […]

Social distancers unite! Join me for a free art session via Zoom!

Art is a soothing activity in the best of times and in uncertain times of transition, like right now, retreating inside, literally, and calling upon intuition to draw, helps us keep smiling. And keep connected. And now more than ever we need to share laughter and use our creativity and intuition. This is why, while […]

Let It Be — A Beginner’s Mind to Making Art the Intuitive Way

Director of Jerusalem Artist Circle Leorah Parker   Lev Ari Ilan Fayge LeBow   Sunday March 8, 2020   What happens when you let go of expectations and draw with a free mind? Amazing things surface on the paper. You may not know what they are. You needn’t either. Among the Jerusalem Artist Circle members […]

Sachiko Adachi intuitive art workshop for Jerusalem Artist’s Circle

Feb 24,2020 Yemin Moshe Last night, members of the Jerusalem Artist’s Circle came to learn about and experience the drawing technique of Japan’s famous intuitive artist Sachiko Adachi. This summary of the evening comes from JAC’s director, the gifted artist Leorah Parker. We were joined by the Yemin Moshe Windmill Events Manager Yaron Meir who […]

Happy Validation Day – I mean Valentines Day!

This month in the Genesis Art Teacher Training Course, we’re focusing on the art of “validation,” the wonderful feeling that both giver and receiver feel from a genuine, heartfelt word or two of appreciation. I don’t think I ever would have noticed the similarity between “validation” and “Valentine” except that I was writing our GATT […]

Yemin Moshe Art Workshops and Tours   Back in late autumn, I joined a small group of women in an Israeli-based online Master Class – based on the teachings of world-renowned author Napolean Hill – and led by Dr. Azriela Jankovic. We got together every two weeks to affirm each other’s dreams. And part of the process of affirming dreams […]

Circles that Connect

Here’s a new way of using Genesis Art that comes from the newly published Hebrew edition–the Angel card is different than in the English/Japanese versions. It’s a goat surrounded by angels. Or, you can say, a circle surrounded by angels. The composition is mostly outside the circle–it seems. Now if you look at Adventure, you […]

The Dance of Creation with the Hebrew Alphabet Letters

  I knew little about the mystical meaning of the Hebrew alphabet letters. But meeting the Dutch dancer Marcella Levie, who teaches the dance forms corresponding to each of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, something in me is starting to awaken. It’s this realization that calling the Genesis Cards by this name originating […]