Outdoor drawing at Baji Koen

10月8日(月)「公園で自然の恵を描くワークショップ」 お天気がよければ世田谷区の馬事公苑で10:30~12:30に開催いたします。 料金は3000円です。 Join me for a two-hour workshop in two of Tokyo’s most lovely nature sanctuaries — Baji Koen (Mondays 10:30-12:30). This workshop is for all nature lovers — to delight the senses, arouse intuition, and heighten your sensitivity to plants, flowers, trees and the creatures who make these settings home. Learn simple and […]

25 Years in Japan Reminds me that the Adventure still continues

9/27 marks 25 years in Japan. I feel extremely sentimental and appreciative. Taking out my photo albums and pouring over 25 years of pictures I came across this one taken on August 25th, 1996, my 36th birthday. I was at Pam Honda’s ‘Dragon Center’ near Lake Kawaguchi having given myself the ultimate birthday present, a […]

Remembering artist Charlotte Salomon

As I write, as I connect with my past, writer friends and readers of my Japan Times articles of long ago are reconnecting. Thank you Margaret Stawowy for pointing out the connection between my art and the autobiographical watercolor paintings of Charlotte Salomon, a gifted young painter who perished in the Auschwitz gas chamber. I […]

Kids’ Art Camp 2012

“I regret that I don’t draw and wish I could. I started to notice my son was hesitant about drawing and I thought he was taking after me. He’s had so much fun at Liane’s art camp. I think he had a drawing breakthrough!”

Drawing in Your Nature Sanctuary

A hot day but for today’s Level 2 workshop, this is the cool-down formula: find a fountain or pond. Ours was a fountain-pond (both!) n Baji Park. Hear the trickling of water, feel the gentle breeze. SIt down wherever you feel led to sit. Then ask yourself why here? Why this particular corner of the […]

Learning One-on-One

Today in yoga class, I was surprised to find myself the only student with a new teacher subbing for our superstar yoga teacher who was in Italy. The regulars seemed to have taken a day off, or gone to Rome with him. When you sign up for a class, its normal to assume that you’re […]

Da Vinci: Illuminating from Within

The Leonard da Vinci exhibit is on at Bunkamura until 6/10 and I REALLY recommend that if you can get to Shibuya see this outstanding collection by da Vinci and the coterie of other Renaissance masters influenced by his sublime standards of ethereal beauty. In comparing da Vinci with artists who emulate him, you can […]

Intuitive Artists Around the World

I’m pleased to introduce contemporary artists who are forging new paths, pioneering new techniques, deeply intuitive and inspiring! Introducing Australian artist Leigh Camilleri Leigh and I had a serendipitous first meeting in Hakone this April (2012) while our octogenarian mothers were chatting on a park bench. After that brief encounter, discovering Leigh was working on […]


My art comes from a state of mind. Let me share with you some of the affirmations that guide me in the creative process. I never know what will be drawn out but I can almost hear in my head the affirmations that guide me. This selection of art is a family portrait–paintings, drawings and […]

Stealing from the Genesis Cards

In a Genesis Art mandala-making workshop, Shoko Yatabe took inspiration from Animal Wisdom, a card she gets quite often and identifies as the card that most expresses the core of her being. Look how much she ‘steals’ from the card. She ‘stole’ the colors, the label Animal Wisdom, the subject–the horse, the big eyes, the […]