The Jerusalem Windmill of Goult

Now for a windmill story. I’m not making this up. But the medieval village in Provence, where I’m facilitating a Genesis Art retreat in late June, actually has its own “Jerusalem” windmill. How curious, as my first landing spot in Israel was a home with this view of the Jerusalem Yemin Moshe windmill right through […]

Theatre tickets from heaven

  A wild and wonderful Genesis moment happened today that left me floored. It started this morning with a Whatsapp exchange with my friend Leah Sand, at the Mevo Modiin “Moshav.” Leah has been organizing for more than 25 years monthly gatherings for women to celebrate Rosh Hodesh, the new moon. She’d asked me to […]

Think Like Grandma Moses

     In Haifa, coming upon art books in English is a rare thing. So when I stumbled upon an original copy of Otto Kallir’s 1954 ground-breaking book about the art and  life of Grandma Moses, I was thrilled and immediately bought it. I grew up hearing Grandma Moses’ name when I was still too […]

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots is a book I’m so excited about that I’ve underlined passages from practically the whole book–which even for me is pretty radical.  Dr. Christian Busch has written a deeply personal and well-researched book on the subject of why serendipity happens, how to cultivate these random yet meaningful coincidences and what to do […]

Infinite Cosmic Consciousness

June 20th, 1994 was the day that Sachiko Adachi returned to her star cluster. It may sound like a stretch, but Sachiko told her audiences that when her time was up here on earth she was going home. Her short life of 48 years became increasingly dedicated to helping others raise their vibration, which back […]

Genesis Art Sprint

The Spirit in Genesis Art By Liane Wakabayashi with Mary Petty     Let me take you behind the scenes of what to expect when you do a Genesis Art Sprint. Each day you’ll be drawing at home using a prompt that I’ll send to you as a short video.  The prompt will connect you, […]

Harvesting oranges during a Sprint

An amazing story of syncronicity This is going to sound very odd, I know. But bare with me. This is how Genesis Art works. Odd things happen. Actually magical at times. Like now, in the midst of an 88-day Genesis Art Challenge, three artists situated in very different parts of the world drew trees with […]

Doodles Coming Out of the Margins and Entering Center Stage

Thank you Kat Cuadros for sending along the August 24th, 2021 BBC story about an exhibition currently running in London that showcases doodlers from around the globe, and how not meaningless these doodles are. Turner-prize winning (as in mega-prestigeous) award-winning artist, Oscar Murillo, collected more than 100,000 doodled canvases by children around the world. IN […]

What should we do with all our Genesis Art?

Art that Accumulates

Genesis Art students often have an enviable problem. They become prolific after months of making intuitive art the Genesis Way in live and Zoom classes. What could possibly be the problem with creating so much art? It often happens that you don’t love everything that you’ve drawn or painted. There is a lot of experimenting […]

Symbols and Intuitive Art: Are the two like Oil and Water?

Oil and water

The tree that arises from imagination, not a symbol!! What happens when you mix oil and water? They separate. I turned to the children’s website Wonderopolis to refresh my memory why this is so. “Water molecules are polar molecules. That means one end of the molecule has a positive charge and the other end has […]