Art and Synchronicity

Pictoral synchronicity A synchronicity brings a feeling of instant connection to people I haven’t thought about in years or decades, and of being watched over,

Genesis Loves Japan Campaign

Japan is reeling from its worst crisis since World War II, a triple disaster triggered by a massive 3/11 2:46 pm earthquake, followed minutes later

Syncronicity on the Beach

Greetings from Thailand! Dear Liane, I dont know if you’ll remember me but I’m Alejandro from Mexico and I joined you in one of your

Genesis Trial Lesson (体験クラス)

ジェネシスウエイを体験してみたい方はまず、この体験クラスからご参加ください。 一回3000円。 You are warmly invited to experience a mini-Genesis art workshop at a Genesis Trial Lesson. A session is 90 minutes with Liane Wakabayashi. Session


Private Consultations explore the powerful healing dimension of the Genesis Cards in one-on-one, couples or family sessions. One-on-one sessions include layout readings and studio time


Please watch this video. “Validation” is the story of Hugh Newman, a parking garage attendant who serenades people with words of praise and encouragement.