When Words Join Forces with Art

To me, one of the great joys in the creative process is communicating without the need for words. Words guide our thoughts toward what the

Contemplating Our Strengths

In Genesis Art Workshops, you get feedback, lots of it, and it may be like nothing you could ever have imagined. Especially if someone long

Be Non-Judgmental

  When you can see the goodness in someone else’s art, you can see more of that goodness in your own. Genesis Art offers steps

The Appraiser Who Got My Goat

I just got the shock of an artistic lifetime. An appraiser walked into my 55-square meter apartment to see the goodies. He sniffed at the

Lighting Up from Within

In Genesis Art, the colors are bright and shining–in other words, luminous. The secret to obtaining this luminosity and originality, all we need to do

The Pieces of the Genesis Art Pie

Is Genesis Art a kind of art therapy? My understanding is that only those who follow the great psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung are

The Intention on the Back

What exactly is intuitive art? In a word, intention. The intention is like a seed you plant on the back of the empty sketch paper

Kind Words on the Artist’s Journey

Remember streaking? It was a short-lived craze mostly done by meshugena who would run through the streets naked. Well, if you’re new to drawing, sharing