Art and Synchronicity

Pictoral synchronicity A synchronicity brings a feeling of instant connection to people I haven’t thought about in years or decades, and of being watched over, even protected. These special moments also serve as a wake up call, a pleasant reminder that we each have a life purpose and when we lead our lives with spiritual […]

Genesis Loves Japan Campaign

Japan is reeling from its worst crisis since World War II, a triple disaster triggered by a massive 3/11 2:46 pm earthquake, followed minutes later by a catastrophic tsunami and dangerous explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plants. While we in Tokyo are safe, our city unscathed, and out of nuclear harms’ way, we are all […]

Syncronicity on the Beach

Greetings from Thailand! Dear Liane, I dont know if you’ll remember me but I’m Alejandro from Mexico and I joined you in one of your workshops. Something courious just happened… I was reading a book at the bungalow Im staying at and I had an envelope inside the book… when I finished reading the book […]

Basic Principles of The Genesis Way

In 1987 while traveling in southwest England, I chanced upon an old cottage where lived a woman artist who invited me for tea. She took me to her studio which overlooked a lovely lush green garden filled with flowers. I’ll never forget that garden or the small easel standing by the window which had on […]

Genesis Trial Lesson (体験クラス)

ジェネシスウエイを体験してみたい方はまず、この体験クラスからご参加ください。 一回3000円。 You are warmly invited to experience a mini-Genesis art workshop at a Genesis Trial Lesson. A session is 90 minutes with Liane Wakabayashi. Session focuses on learning how to use Genesis Cards and drawing intuitively from inspiration. No previous background is required. 日曜日  上町 ジェネシスアトリエにて。15:00-16:30 申し込みしたら地図送ります Class held at Genesis Home Studio, Kamimachi, Setagaya (directions provided […]


Private Consultations explore the powerful healing dimension of the Genesis Cards in one-on-one, couples or family sessions. One-on-one sessions include layout readings and studio time painting an original work of art that often amplifies, or confirms, practical solutions. ¥8,000 one hour session/¥11,000 90 minute session Private Group Sessions attended by couples or other family members: […]

Ikuro, Sachiko and Takuro Adachi’s Intuitive Art Approach

If you’ve lived in Japan long enough and tuned into the spiritual world here, you’ve probably heard of Ikuro, Sachiko and Takuro Adachi, the much-loved siblings who have been pioneers in the field of intuitive art for about 20 years. They are role models to a generation who are cutting through the illusion of pure […]


Please watch this video. “Validation” is the story of Hugh Newman, a parking garage attendant who serenades people with words of praise and encouragement. Hugh’s enthusiastic word and love for people changes them in extraordinary ways. We all need Hugh in our lives. Especially artists. We are so prone to laying a heavy one […]

Art and Music Camp at Tokyo Sudbury School

Since April my elder child, Mirai, 12, has been attending an experimental free school called Tokyo Sudbury School. It’s experimental because this school is so new–just a year and a half old and there are currently only seven students attending. It’s a free school in the orthodox meaning that children are free to spend their […]

<strong>Art and Synchronicity with the Genesis Cards</strong>

In the early half of the 20th century, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung immersed himself in many Eastern traditions and philosophies. This inspiration led him to originate a new branch of psychology that links the mind with creativity and spirit. Explorations with intuitive art led Dr. Jung to pioneer a branch of psychological exploration that is […]