Theatre tickets from heaven


A wild and wonderful Genesis moment happened today that left me floored. It started this morning with a Whatsapp exchange with my friend Leah Sand, at the Mevo Modiin “Moshav.” Leah has been organizing for more than 25 years monthly gatherings for women to celebrate Rosh Hodesh, the new moon. She’d asked me to do an art workshop and while still groggy and sipping green tea, for some reason the title that came to me was “Your Shabbos Ticket — A Genesis Art Workshop.”

Never have I used “ticket” in the title of any workshop! But that’s what came intuitively. As I look back on the last twenty four hours, somewhere in my subconscious mind, my dear uncle’s weeklong visit to Haifa came to an end with his return to London. Uncle G is a West End theatre ticket agent, so maybe the name came from there?

Or it could have been a quip between us, that somehow my Mom, Uncle G’s sister, would be very pleased that at 89 years old he was still up for international flights and booking hotels all on his own.

In that flash of a moment, I think we both wish Mom had given us a sign from her perch high up yonder.

Scroll forward to lunchtime, when I’m in the Grand Canyon shopping mall–seriously, that’s the name here in Haifa. And what do I come across? A silky strappy gown sprinkled with theatre ticket stubs! Now usually, in my right mind, this is something I’d never ever think of buying for myself. Like when would I ever wear it? But make no mistake, how many times do you come across a piece of fabric covered in tickets?

Doing Genesis Art regularly, you become more finely attuned to synchronicities, ranging from the curious to the downright miraculous. But more than synchronicities, it’s the stories that get to be told. That come out of nowhere, but mean so much.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you.


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