The Jerusalem Windmill of Goult

Mishkenot Sha'ananim windmill

Now for a windmill story. I’m not making this up. But the medieval village in Provence, where I’m facilitating a Genesis Art retreat in late June, actually has its own “Jerusalem” windmill. How curious, as my first landing spot in Israel was a home with this view of the Jerusalem Yemin Moshe windmill right through the dining room window. This painting ended up in a competition and landed in the Jerusalem Mayor’s office where it spent most of the Pandemic as all things good and normal grinded to a halt. I was curious too, why there was an ancient windmill in Provence called Jerusalem. It turns out that the Agoult family, for which the town is named, had ancestry amongst the crusaders who left their mark with their remarkable ancient ruins from the 11th century, castles and such that are still found around Israel. Putting on a retreat in Japan was challenging enough. Organizing one in the South of France is delightfully out of my comfort zone. How I love when the universe send me signs to keep being courageous, not only follow my dreams, but invite other artists and good souls to be adventurous and daring, and join me. Our magnificent country house is now fully booked, but a few more outstanding artists have requested to join, so I’m about to take a second gorgeous property for the week of June 17-24. We’ll be painting outdoors in the mornings, leisurely exploring the ancient villages of the Luberon valley in the early days of lavender season in the afternoon, or relaxing by the pool, then reconvening for Genesis art studies to understand more about why these marvelous synchronicities happen and what we as artists are invited to do with them. We have just a few more spaces available for amazing, relaxed and adventurous women who love painting, want to take it further, with or without landscape painting skills– though this will be what we want to take advantage of in Provence. We’ll be “channeling” our inner Post-Impressionist painter using Genesis art “mindset” techniques. To be familiar with the Genesis Cards, is a plus. The lessons will take place simultaneously in Japanese and English, so nihongo mo daijobu desu. Please PM immediately for retreat details and photographs, as every time I make this announcement the rooms fill up fast.

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