Infinite Cosmic Consciousness

June 20th, 1994 was the day that Sachiko Adachi returned to her star cluster. It may sound like a stretch, but Sachiko told her audiences that when her time was up here on earth she was going home. Her short life of 48 years became increasingly dedicated to helping others raise their vibration, which back in the 1990s in Japan was still a rather unknown and unexplored life pursuit. Raising one’s vibration still pales in comparison to a more universal goal, of raising one’s income, but as we’ve seen in these pandemic and post-pandemic times, depending on what country you’re in, raising one’s vibration seems like a trivial pursuit. But as the co-editor with Aruna Byers of Sachiko Adachi’s “To Live As We Are,” the benefits of raising one’s vibration might be best explained by the bird analogy. The higher a bird rises, the more it can grasp the enormity and interconnectedness of life. I didn’t know it at the time but editing this wonderful book would be a life changer, preparing me for becoming an intuitive artist and teaching many people how positivity, hope, gratitude, and generosity, while honestly honoring your own needs, leads to a wider horizon on life itself, bringing in more joy, possibilities, and creativity. To Live As We Are is currently unavailable on but I have a few remaining copies in stock @ $50 including postage. Please don’t hesitate to order a book while these last copies in English are available. The Japanese edition was a best seller and more easily available. To order:

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