Harvesting oranges during a Sprint

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Genesis Art

An amazing story of syncronicity

This is going to sound very odd, I know. But bare with me. This is how Genesis Art works. Odd things happen. Actually magical at times. Like now, in the midst of an 88-day Genesis Art Challenge, three artists situated in very different parts of the world drew trees with oranges raining down. The funny thing was that I had fully intended to draw a huge strawberry as today’s theme was “Harvest.” Instead, the intuitive artist within said: draw an orange tree! 

When we get out of our mind’s way and draw, these magical moments of connection with other artists happen with surprising frequency. It’s one of the great joys of doing Genesis Art together, especially now on Zoom, where we can feel very far away, but draw as if we’re looking over each other’s shoulders!

If you’re curious about whether there’s an intuitive artist within you, why not find out? Details for our free 5-day sprint, Jan 16-20, can be found here:


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