Genesis Art Sprint

Painting by Mary Petty

The Spirit in Genesis Art

By Liane Wakabayashi with Mary Petty



Let me take you behind the scenes of what to expect when you do a Genesis Art Sprint. Each day you’ll be drawing at home using a prompt that I’ll send to you as a short video.  The prompt will connect you, heart and soul, to a daily word of inspiration that you can interpret any way that you like.

When we make intuitive art, we are walking hand in hand with the mystery of creativity.  Each of us can take the same inspirational word prompt and come up with totally different outcomes. 

The mystery continues when we use the Genesis Art Card App to flip over a randomly chosen card.  Totally unexpected similarities may appear between what we have drawn and our Genesis Art Card.

I’d like to show you how it worked for one of our artists, Mary Petty.  The prompt that I gave was “movement”, the word that led to this painting, capturing light and color in a vortex surrounding a streak of purple-blue in the center.

Mary explained, “I was experimenting with a bolder color palette than usual, experimenting with just being abstract, where my usual work illustrates a story.  When I had finished the piece, it didn’t mean anything in particular to me.  What gave it incredible meaning, though, was when a family member later called out to me the figure of our beloved mother standing in the center of the vortex – in her signature purple-blue bathrobe.  From that accidental splash of color, there she was, sending her message of love from the Other Side.”

“A previous picture I had drawn during the same session was more of an illustration, depicting a scene of my departed loved ones up in a cloud, watching over me down below.  After randomly choosing the Soul Card, the message I received for the abstract painting was clearly about my caring loved ones in heaven protecting me.  On an absolutely cellular level, I felt that both the making of this abstract picture and the Soul Card’s message were completely out of my hands.  A very special communication.”

Mary continued: “The Genesis Art Cards often give the artist helpful direction.  Sometimes they suggest a further place to take the work, a tweak, an addition, a line, or color.  Sometimes it’s a new idea or a nudge to think further regarding something in your life that has been on your mind.  Sometimes it’s just huge, confirming synchronicity.  That’s what makes Genesis Intuitive Art so intriguing – you are never quite sure what will turn up!”

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