When Words Join Forces with Art

To me, one of the great joys in the creative process is communicating without the need for words.

Words guide our thoughts toward what the maker wants us to think.

I won’t call it mind control, but it sure is a way of numbing intuition.

A work of art without words invites us to free-associate and come to our own discoveries and make our own connections.

There are some artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat who once told us that words are all we have.

I beg to differ. But as my grandfather liked to say: Chacun a sont gout. Each to his own taste!

As a writer, you’d think that this matter of combining letters with words to art wouldn’t bother me.

The truth is that many contemporary artists are mixing letters with art. Just see here:


I find the design element appealing. But is this art? What do you think?

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