Testing Your Muscles, Empowering Your Words with Genesis Art

Kinesiology is a method of muscle testing to help determine whether what you’re putting inside of you is making you stronger or weaker. Kinesiology works with food—testiing for allergies and food sensitivities. And interestingly, it works for intangibles that we put inside ourselves—like words.

Yes, words.

Words carry life force. They have an effect on our biology as medical intuitive Caroline Myss brought to light almost 30 years ago when she coined the phrase: “Your biography becomes your biology.”

If our biography becomes our biology, that meant that the way we tell our life story could actually determine whether we were being energized or depleted by the way we remembered the past, experienced the present and anticipated the future.

Now what does this have to do with Genesis Art?

A lot. Words are the match that ignites each Genesis Art session. A word on the back of sheet of sketch paper alights memories, feelings, hopes and dreams. Without expecting any particular artistic outcome, a word that energizes you, taps into you who is lovable, strong, courageous, kind, caring, talented, and more will lead to the creation of breathtakingly beautiful art.

It’s all in the telling. It’s all in the word choice.

But don’t just take my word on this.

Try out this kinesiology with a partner. As I often say: seeing is believing.

Write on small pieces of paper three words.

Relaxation on one paper, Tension on the other. 

Love on one paper,  Hate on the other. 

Strong on one paper, Weak on the other. 

Then with one partner standing with outstretched arm shoulder height and parallel to the ground make a fist with one hand and hold the paper with the word on it with the other. You shouldn’t know which word you are holding so choose with eyes closed.

Then your partner will firmly try to pull your arm down to your side. What happens usually —and there are always exceptions—is that the arm stays strong and firm in the air when you re holding an affirmative word. 

It can be quite a shocker to discover that words evoke different responses in the body.

Try it with each of the three sets of words. Try it with other sets of words that you find particularly meaningful.

As a memoir writer, the striking contrast in the effect of these words reached me to the core of my being. The words matter in writing. The words matter just as much and even more so in the art we do.

What comes from the heart goes back into the heart.

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