The Intention on the Back

What exactly is intuitive art? In a word, intention.

The intention is like a seed you plant on the back of the empty sketch paper before you begin.

The seed is a word, or a few words, that describe what you want to receive from your own artwork. Yes, receive it.

A gifted artist–we all know that expression. What makes a gifted artist different from any other artist is the recognition that art is a gift.

The artist doesn’t know what that gift will be when the paper is still blank.

But you the artist set an intention for a gift. I could be that you write on the back of the sketch paper: the gift of relaxation, joy, love, healing, energy, peace, etc.

Give yourself what you need today. In a word. Intention.

Miriam Wakabayashi doing art intuitively.

Then let your hand take over and draw whatever flows from your heart.

Use colors from the rainbow. Draw without stopping. If you feel like filling the paper, do so. If you feel like stopping after a few strokes, then go on to the next blank sheet of paper and continue with the same word intention.


If you have a set of Genesis Cards, randomly choose one and juxtapose with your drawing–as we do in art sessions. If you’re new to Genesis Art Workshops, a new series of Zoom classes will begin in June. And private sessions with me are always an option.


And if you don’t have the Genesis Cards, write down everything in your artwork that expresses your word of intention. For instance, if it was energy, then notice what aspects of your art give you energy. The colors?  The warmth? The flow? The where, who, why and what of your drawing? Write it down. Talk about it with a companion.

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