Kind Words on the Artist’s Journey

Remember streaking?

It was a short-lived craze mostly done by meshugena who would run through the streets naked.

Well, if you’re new to drawing, sharing your art can feel a lot like streaking.

You might feel vulnerable. You might feel judged. But you do it anyway.

You might talk yourself out of even trying to draw in anticipation of the worst.

What if you could talk yourself into drawing?

What if you could think like a streaker?

What would you say to yourself?

This feels good. I’m loving the process. I’m freeing my mind and getting rid of some stress.

Affirmations. That’s what you’d be doing.

And what would you imagine other people saying to you?

Beautiful! Inspirational! Lovely colors! So heartfelt! So naturalistic!

Being kind to the artist within is the first step toward becoming an artist.

Being kind to the artists with whom you share a class is the first step toward building support and trust.

If you’re curious how it works in Genesis Art Workshops, I invite you to free Zoom sessions offered in May to try your hand at creating art from inspiration.

Surprise yourself. See what happens when words of kindness guide you forward.


May 2020 Schedule

Saturdays 10, 24

8:30 – 10:00 PM Jerusalem Time

Sundays May 2, 16

10 AM-11:30 AM Jerusalem time


Please check your time zone here:


To register and access these sessions, please use the link on the Genesis Art Worldwide whatsapp group. If you aren’t yet a member, please email me at with your phone number with country code, and I will add you to GENESIS ART WORLDWIDE whatsapp group. Whatsapp can be joined from your phone or computer.


Please prepare a sketchbook, colored pens, crayons, a pencil, your smartphone for uploading your drawing to the Whatsapp group while we are in session.


The Genesis Cards are optional for these sessions.  To find out more about the approach used in these sessions see:





All Levels Welcome!

These classes are free while the Corona Virus disrupts our lives!


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