Color in your Drawings the Genesis Way

If you’re new to Genesis Art, you may be wondering about colors.

You’ll notice a vibrancy and palette that takes you back to childhood, when you were free to create brightly and boldly.

You’ll also notice the absence of black, grey and brown.


What is the reasoning behind drawing with the rainbow colors?

What’s wrong with using a little–or a lot–of black, grey or brown?

If a tiger’s stripes are gold and black, why can’t I draw them as they are?

If your aim is to draw the world in front of your eyes, then yes, you will need complete freedom of the color spectrum

But the Genesis Way is an approach to drawing that isn’t limited to the world in front of your eyes.

You’re drawing from your imagination. You’re allowing yourself to draw what you feel.

And feelings, as understood through the ancient wisdom of chakra studies, are vibrational.

Each of the seven colors in the rainbow align with an energy center within us that relates to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Color choices that show up in your drawings are best done without a lot of thinking. It’s best to pick up colors spontaneously and then after you’ve drawn step back, and using the Genesis Cards, which are rainbow-colored, gain insights into the wondrous and often miraculous messages that your art wants to say to you.

Yes, say to you. Your art speaks to you in many ways, and especially through colors.

I’m attaching here two among the many chakra charts available online, so that you can see how unique each chakra is, and how unifying as well. We are the sum total of all the chakras.

Chakra awareness draws us closer to the world inside of ourselves, the invisible aspect to our existence that appears hidden. But it actually not.

The world behind your eyes can be drawn out, literally, by using the rainbow colors when you draw.

To learn more about the seven chakras in drawing, how to use color awareness for self-understanding, mood modification, energy-building, relaxation, and more,  I’ll be offering a seven-part online series of drawing classes on Wednesdays July 8 – August 19. I’m thrilled to be sharing with you these teachings for the first time in detail.

The fee of $300 includes 7 90-minute group lessons, drawing homework between classes, and two one-hour private sessions with me–all conducted online. Space is limited so please email me for more details and to reserve your space:

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