Sachiko Adachi intuitive art workshop for Jerusalem Artist’s Circle

Feb 24,2020 Yemin Moshe
Last night, members of the Jerusalem Artist’s Circle came to learn about and experience the drawing technique of Japan’s famous intuitive artist Sachiko Adachi. This summary of the evening comes from JAC’s director, the gifted artist Leorah Parker. We were joined by the Yemin Moshe Windmill Events Manager Yaron Meir who added his own surprising touch to the evening. He took pictures of us drawing. That beam of light was definitely not visible to the naked eye but in every picture, Yaron took there it was. I don’t know if it was Sachiko’s way of telling us she was very much with us. Some mysteries are better left appreciated, but unsolved…
Message from Leorah Parker, founder of Jerusalem Artist’s Circle…

Thank you Liane Wakabayashi for a lovely evening and to all those who came!

We enjoyed seeing her beautiful Yemen Moshe home filled with her artwork and watching the light fall around the windmill as the sun set.
Liane shared about the famous Japanese artist Sachiko Adachi, her way of life and her connection to the Jewish Community. She read selected passages from her book which was very interesting and thought-provoking. We were then led to choose paper and markers.
We were given information how to move in an intuitive way, writing a word about what we want to see change in our lives on one side of the paper then to allow yourself freedom to move and make marks and lines on the other side of the paper. This we could even do with our eyes closed to help in the process. Liane had brought back colorful Japanese papers for us to use on which we did another exercise.
We shared with each other afterwards and then enjoyed a hot drink ☕and homemade apple pie that her daughter Miriam had made, thank you Miriam!
We also had the opportunity to purchase Sachiko’s book at a special price.📗
Leorah Parker 🎨


Jerusalem Artist Circle

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