Yemin Moshe Art Workshops and Tours


Back in late autumn, I joined a small group of women in an Israeli-based online Master Class – based on the teachings of world-renowned author Napolean Hill – and led by Dr. Azriela Jankovic. We got together every two weeks to affirm each other’s dreams. And part of the process of affirming dreams was to remove the blockages. For most of us–especially women who work from home–we have real stumbling blocks with our time management and family duties. But that doesn’t compare to the real source of our reasons for not reaching our dreams–it’s because the imagination runs wild. We second guess the negative reactions of our potential clients. To nay-say is so common among us, especially when there are family members in our midst who are all too happy to remind us that we are dreamers, after all, and that our lives are fine as is.


To change the way we speak to ourselves can be tough in a silent moment. But to voice our concerns out loud, in confidence, to sympathetic women who have been there, done that, and could offer solutions that we have been blindsided to come up with ourselves is absolutely empowering!

So this is my story: I have for a long while dreamed of holding art workshops in Yemin Moshe. I printed up flyers, business cards, even a series of Yemin Moshe postcards. But something was blocking me. It was like I had two googly-eyed demons waiting by the gate to sabotage my dreams. No pun intended that they were googly-eyed. It’s too easy to convince yourself that just because you’re not tech savvy and spending half your life tweeting and posting on social networks that you can’t reach your audience. What if–miracle of miracles–your audience found you instead?

To my astonishment, in the last year, a thriving new tour company has taken over the historic Yemin Moshe windmill as a wine bar and the reconstructed outdoor terrace now offers sight-seers a place to linger under sun umbrellas in four seasons. The keyword here is lingering. Yemin Moshe is so beautiful with its 150-year-old history, gardens, and Mediterranean stone townhouse charm, that more activities need to be offered in the community itself. I wondered how could I reach these visitors, who, like me, get practically high from standing before the panoramic views of the Old City, the Dead Sea, and the Montefiore Windmill, and soaking in the biblical history of the ground we stand upon.

So what does this have to do with an art workshop in Yemin Moshe? Because trust me. The views themselves work their way into your cells. The magnificence of what you see in front of your eyes becomes matched by the beauty within you. Come join me. I’ll be waiting for you by the windmill.

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