The Gift of Being Simple

It’s not easy to be simple. We live in complicated times.

We have our daily obligations and our lifelong aspirations  —our soul mission. How do we go about reconciling the short and long-range vision of our busy lives? 

One way that has become increasingly popular is to rely on divination tools, like tarot or oracle cards. These cards are very seductive. It can be like a wondrous toy for looking into the future and divining answers. I know very well. I tried out many tarot and oracle decks before creating the Genesis Cards.  But I was never satisfied fully with the answers I got. Why?

Because we only can get answers to the questions we know to ask. What about all the questions we don’t even know to ask?

There’s a very powerful lesson in the Torah chapter, Shoftim, read at this time of year about becoming a “Tam.’ In Hebrew, a Tam is person who is not knowledgeable, whose mouth speaks what is in his heart, and who is not skillfully deceiving others, or themselves. “Not to seek knowledge of the future, but instead to enjoy a complete sense of security in the faith and conviction that the future is safe in God’s hands.” That is life’s big lesson.

Now to return to the Genesis Cards—please enjoy them as a tool for making beautiful art.  Creativity too, helps strengthen your feeling of safety that all is well, that life is good, that the Creator is always near.

Creativity is a spiritual gift we all have been given from birth. Developing our artistic senses and appreciation of the beautiful world turns us all into “Gifted” people.

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