A Positive Feeling Toward the Artist Within

This article about positivity on Chabad.org today reminded me how yesterday, in the Genesis art workshop in Yemin Moshe, one woman became really critical of her drawing. She didn’t want to take it home because overall she deemed it chaotic and ugly. I showed her with a small frame how details were incredibly alive and spontaneously beautiful. It’s so natural to see beauty when you’re looking for it. The Rebbe talks here about positivity, how its a reflex that we have within us to cultivate no matter what. It’s true, and that’s what’s kept me going with Genesis art for nearly twenty years. I see that cultivating a positive feeling toward the artist within goes a long way toward producing beautiful art. https://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/4405201/jewish/Chapter-2-Dwell-on-the-Positive.htm

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