On the 25th Anniversary of Sachiko Adachi’s Passing


Today June 20th, 2018,  marks 25 years since the artist Sachiko Adachi left this earth for–as she put it– another dimension and another mission. Her cosmic art legacy, her uplifting words, her gemlike books live on. To LIve As We Are is available on Amazon.co.jp at four times the price it retailed for when we published it 18 years ago. How ironic that someone who continues today to leave a lasting legacy on the Japanese art world, contemporary spirituality, on our grasp of the power of intuition, has barely a trace of a presence on the internet. This too is as Sachiko would have wished. She explained how everything possesses a vibration and yes, Sachiko’s books, her art, her grasp of the universe could only be accessed by people of a certain vibration. I think, sadly, she would comment on how the earth’s vibration has gone down as a result of the age of the internet. It looks to all appearances that we are more connected as One Earth Family than ever before. But individually our intuition has been dulled and diminished by the power and sway that the websites we are hooked on have over us. RIP Sachiko Adachi. May we all make beautiful art that helps us return to ourselves–just as Sachiko did. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2001/02/04/arts/cosmic-artist-leaves-a-legacy-of-world-harmony/#.WyqQJxIzbR0https://www.genesiscards.com/2010/09/ikuro-sachiko-and-takuro-adachis-intuitive-art-approach/

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