Rachel Joy Scott’s Rose: A Healing Force in Life and Death

Today here in Israel I heard an incredible story about a young woman called Rachel Joy Scott who very very sadly was the first to be massacred in the Columbine shootings. She was a talented actress, and also used to draw in her journals.

On the morning of her death, she drew in her journal a set of eyes with 13 tears raining down onto a rose. She died at lunchtime in a hail of bullets when a boy who she knew since kindergarten, holding a gun to her head, asked her if she believed in God.

Deeply religious, she said yes. A month after her death a pastor by the name of Frank Amedia from Florida couldn’t get a recurring dream out of his head. He saw in his dream that Rachel had left behind a drawing of a set of eyes with 13 tears raining down onto a rose–the same number killed in Columbine.

So he called Rachel’s father, having no idea that in her journal was the image he had seen in the dream.

Okay, there’s a formula here. A dream and a drawing that connects two spiritual souls who never met in this life but met in dreamtime over a work of art.

Art can be that powerful. A healing force in life and in death.

Note: To see the artwork Rachel drew of the rose and find out more about this extraordinary 17 year old life, see: http://rachelscottblog.tumblr.com/post/121342514308/rachelscottblog-the-13-tears-drawing

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