Paradise in the City: Join a Genesis Art Workshop in Shinjuku Gyoen

When: Sunday October 16th 1:00-5:00 pm

Where: Shinjuku Gyoen, Sendagaya and Genesis Art Studio, Akihabara

Fee: ¥3,000

Reservations accepted till Saturday night 12 pm.


Outdoors Genesis art workshop in Meiji Shrine
This time of year is magical. The days are getting cooler. The colors of autumn are firing the imagination. Join me this Sunday October 16th for a spectacular afternoon drawing and painting in Shinjuku Gyoen. We’ll meet by the Sendagaya gate at 1:00 and walk to the Japanese traditional garden, seating ourselves on the hill facing this beautiful pagoda inside the garden.

Today’s theme will be “Paradise in the City.” I think we probably all carry within us our own quirky, interesting criteria for paradise. What makes your vision of paradise different than mine? We can learn so much about ourselves by drawing in a garden that has such a strong pull on our senses that we lose track of time and don’t want to stop drawing. I’m drawing a pagoda set in a garden. You’re drawing a bird high in a tree. And we both call what we’re drawing paradise.

This intuitive art session, like all Genesis Art Workshops, is for all levels and ages. Come with a B4 Sketch book and a smart phone or camera to take pictures. If you have Genesis Cards bring them along. The rest of the materials will be provided.

1:00-2:30 Drawing in Shinjuku Gyoen

2:30-3:00 Take the train 15 minutes to Akihabara station and 10 minute walk to  Genesis Art Studio to continue drawing indoors.

3:00-5:00 Drawing, painting, and open discussions with the Genesis Cards. I offer you tools to grasp your own intuitive understanding of the artwork you make to help you  live more freely and creatively in many aspects of your life.

Genesis Art Workshops are small to allow for more connection between participants.

5 (1)To reserve your space: email or call: 090-4122-6626




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