Drawing animals at Ueno Park … and hearing what they have to say!

Ueno-zoo panda

If you’re an animal lover, and believe — like I do, that animals just love to communicate with us, then come join me for an immensely enjoyable morning drawing animals that speak to you at Ueno Park. I’ll introduce you to a simple and intuitive way of drawing any animal that you’re attracted to–through intuition. And as always artists with all backgrounds are welcome.

2 birds
A full day of activities focusing on animals and how they relate to introverted and extraverted aspects of our personalities, as well as our physical, mental, creative, and social strengths.

Part One: Morning session: 10-12 Drawing at Ueno Park

Tokyo, Japan - April 12, 2015: Ueno Zoo is Japan's oldest zoo located in Ueno Park in central Tokyo.
Tokyo, Japan – April 12, 2015: Ueno Zoo is Japan’s oldest zoo located in Ueno Park in central Tokyo.

Adults and Teens ¥2,000, Children under 12 are free!

After meeting at the main gate at Ueno Park, we’ll head inside and seek out animals to draw that “speak” to us. This is not only a chance to draw them but to use your intuition to “hear” what they are saying to you. You’ll learn a fascinating and freeing exercise to help you expand the way you relate to your world here in Tokyo, to clarify what’s important to you, and to invite more play and spontanaeity into your creative life.

Gorilla at Ueno

Draw for an hour and then meet up at a designated spot in the zoo to take turns discussing what you’ve just drawn. At the start of the discussion, you’ll be introduced to the Genesis Cards for strengthening your ability to see and express the connections between what you’re attracted to drawing and reasons why.

Afternoon sessions at Genesis Art Studio–a 20 minute walk from Ueno Park, 2-26-8 Taito, Taito-ku

Part Two: Early afternoon session 1:00-3:00: Drawing animals from imagination ¥3,000
Genesis Art Studio will be our base in the afternoon to apply what we’ve just experienced at Ueno Park and see how animals leave such a deep impression they can manifest in our drawings and paintings without even being before our eyes. This is both a drawing and painting workshop that is ideal for all ages.

Part Three: Late afternoon session 3:15-5:15: Learning about the Genesis Cards ¥3,000
Genesis Art Workshops gets its name from the Genesis Cards, which are a 44 card deck to inspire creative breakthroughs and show you connections between seemingly random areas of life.

A special thank you offer: Sign up for all 3 workshops and pay ¥7,000 for a full day of mind-expanding and creatively enriching exercises to inspire your life. Bring a friend and both receive the Genesis Cards as a free gift–a ¥3,000 value each. This is a limited 5/15 offer.

For more information about Liane Wakabayashi and Genesis Art Workshops see: https://www.genesiscards.com

Genesis Art Studio is located off Showa dori, a 4 minute walk from Ueno Okachimachi station and 7 minutes from JR Okachimachi station.

Wakabayashi Heim 2nd Floor 2-26-8 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 156-0053

To speak to Liane directly: 090-4122-6626

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