When your hear Genesis Art, what comes to mind?

If you’re familiar with the Bible, you know that Genesis is the story of creation, taking us from pre-creation to the birth of the world, the splitting of sky from oceans, fixing sun, moon and stars in the skies, the birth of all living creatures, birds, fish and animals, and finally man and woman. And all of it the work of one unifying entity going by many names: Soul of all Souls, Life force of All Living Things, Universal Consciousness, and, of course, God.

With a name like Genesis Art, it’s true that the elements, symbols, colors and energies associated with the 7 days of creation can be found in the 44 Genesis Cards that are used in Genesis Art Workshops.

But this was not an intentional decision. Associations with the creation story and the first chapter of the Bible came about subconsciously because originally in the beginning there was to my mind–nothing by the name of Genesis Art. Instead there were drawings and paintings in my sketchbooks, on canvases and on washi paper that had no unifying theme or purpose other than to address this growing excitement I was feeling by adding a newfound belief to the creative process-that intuition was the source–and could be developed, communicated with, and sought out for comfort, wisdom and guidance by simply drawing pleasing, uplifting images from the imagination.

First comes thought, next comes the appearance of what you’re thinking about. This is what Genesis Art means to me. Art is the mystery and beauty that results when we allow ourselves to pick up art supplies in order to make visible our thought processes as they change from day to day.

And yes, while it’s true that Genesis is the name of the first book of the Bible, describing not only the first seven days of creation and the first peoples to populate the planet with both good and evil intentions, Genesis is a word anchored in our subconscious–whether we realize it or not–that returns us this theme that not only do our thoughts create our reality, but the beginning of everything can be traced to a single thought.

Before I continue on this subject, may I ask for your feedback here?

What do you think of when you hear the name Genesis Art?

I look forward to continue our conversation and understanding of what Genesis means to each one of us!

With love and thanks,

Liane Wakabayashi

Creator of the Genesis Way, cards, guidebook and art workshops

Thanks to Geneva Hargreaves, who used to co-organize the Circle of LIght meetings for an English-speaking community interested in spiritual matters of healing, growth and intuitive exploration. It was Geneva who first posed this question.

Geneva Hargreaves with Liane Wakabayashi
Geneva Hargreaves with Liane Wakabayashi


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