Cherry Blossoms: A Genesis Art Foundation Workshop

Cherry Blossoms: A Genesis Art Foundation Workshop 3/28, 3/30, 3/31
Full 12-Session Training Over 3 Days 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Limited to six participants
Regularly ¥36,000 Special offer: ¥30,000 includes Genesis Cards and Guidebook
Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo session: March 28, 30, 31 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Special First Day Sampler!! Monday March 28
If you are new to Genesis Art, visiting Tokyo for a short stay, or simply ready to conquer your fear of art, this one day intensive will introduce you to discovering your intuitive self in the most stunning season of the year–when cherry blossoms are at their peak. Cherry blossoms are not all created equal and the ones you choose to draw help you appreciate how you see yourself, through your strengths and passions as an artist. Especially if you’ve never done art in your adult years, this workshop will offer you a chance to break out of self-imposed beliefs as you discover paradise not only in the city, but within yourself, to be drawn upon in any season and locaton.

We’ll be spending time drawing magnificent Ueno Park to sketch and paint the famous cherry blossoms that line the strolling paths to the museums and around Shinobazu Pond. Discover that just as no two cherry blossoms are alike, your unique way of seeing the world changes from moment to moment depending upon where you put your gaze. We will return to Genesis Art Center’s studio, a 15 minute walk from Ueno in the afternoon for a second painting session and a third discussion session. In total, you will cover four out of the 12 workshops in the Genesis Art Foundation Course. For those who would like to continue, you’ll have the option to return for Day 2, Wednesday March 30 and Day 3, Thursday March 31, to complete the 12-session foundation course.

March 28 ¥12,000, March 30 ¥12,00, March 31 ¥12,000
Discount for enrollment for all three days: ¥30,000

Painting blossoms

Genesis Art Foundation workshops build a base of intuitive understanding about the connections between your art, randomly chosen Genesis Cards and the way you uniquely perceive your life. Spend 3 days thinking uplifting thoughts, gazing at magnificent blossoms, relaxing, getting to know a small group of creative people like yourself while receiving illuminating one-on-one coaching from Liane Wakabayashi designed to open up your abilities to imagine, create and discover your own inner wisdom as it appears in your art.

The 12 exercises in this course all work in partnership with the Genesis Cards, a tool that gently encourages connections and syncronicity, and brings wonder, even small miracles, to your creative process. The 12 exercises that comprise this course are conducted both at Genesis Art Center, a fully equipped art studio, and outdoors in nearby Ueno Park.

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