The Far Side of the East

Far Side of East ExhibitionOne of the happiest moments after moving to Setagaya was the discovery that a brand new Starbucks was opening on the promenade of Zelkova trees not far from our new home. That was nearly ten years ago, and with gratitude and inspiration for all the warm cups of tea on cold days, and cool drinks on hot ones, I started to bring my sketchpad, and over time my art students too, to draw the interesting characters who hang out at this cafe. Shinjuku, Shibuya, wherever I happened to be, I’ve taken out my sketchpad to draw these quick sketches with a fude pen and then slowly colored them in with Neocolor II Swiss crayons, finishing them off with a wet paint brush to make the colors shine with a brilliance that Neocolors are so good at.

If you’re interested in learning this technique for drawing whimsical portraits of your own, I’ll be offering classes on Sunday 10/25 and 11/29 from 4:00-5:30 pm at Peace Flower Market Cafe.

Reservations required and space is limited so please let me know early if you’d like to participate!

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