Heart Princess to Soul ハートプリンセスグゼン

One day this week, I received letters from two students about their Genesis Art experiences with the same card. I thought this was an interesting coincidence as they didn’t know each other and had never met at my classes. They both randomly chose the Heart Princess card, which is one of the strongest cards in the deck to bring up feelings of love and inner peace.

Both women — and they didn’t know each other– have given their consent to share their stories and their art about the Heart Princess experiences, and so it’s my pleasure and honor to share them here.


Liane had asked us to give names to each of the crayons in an envelope I had randomly chosen. The crayons were warm colours so I chose words like smile, kindness, warmth, happiness, enjoy, fun, and family.

The words at the center of my drawing were connected to the red crayon: they were “life fulfilled with love.” When I found I’d chosen the Heart Princess card after making my drawing, it looked like coincidence, but I felt I knew why I chose that card.

My drawing and the similarities I found on the Heart Princess card confirmed to me that my experience had been both spiritual opportunity and a natural occurrence.

KF, Tokyo

image1 (1)image1

My first impression when I turned over the Heart Princess card was that it wasn’t similar at all to my drawing. The Heart Princess card gave me a hint to look at an issue in my life. My picture was very colorful but at the center it was very red and disturbed me. The Heart Princess card is also a red card but the center was much lighter. So I decided to take a hint from this card and add flowers and sprinkles of white dots. It took only about twenty minutes to make my drawing become peaecful. Now I feel more free, like something inside me has changed too.

Usually when I look at my art next to a Genesis Card, I’m looking for similarities and I find them easily. But this time, because the Heart Princess card was so different from my art, the difference became an opportunity for growth. I understand now that the Genesis Cards can give me a chance to look with fresh eyes at difficult issues in my life and present creative solutions too.

SY, Tokyo

POSTSCRIPT FROM LIANE: Imagine this…after both artists gave their consent to use their stories, as an after thought, it seems, they each sent me a new work of art they’d made and this time both women pulled the Soul card.

IMG_4145Here are the Two Soul Cards of KF and SY sent within 24 hours.

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