A Gift from My Grandmother

My Grandmothers's Belt Buckle
My son's school bag

In a few weeks my son graduates from Wako elementary school. You can see his school bag here. For the last 11 years our family has had a continuous affiliation with this school, so different from my own education back in New York. Not better or worse, just different. And it confused me at times. I was often wracked with worry, did I make the right decision sending my kids to a school that was a great fit for one of my kids but a very lonely experience for the other. Then today I found my answer. I was rummaging through a drawer where I came across this belt buckle. My grandmother had worn it on a string around her neck as jewelry–because it wasn’t worth anything to the nursing home staff. She pressed it into my hands on my last visit to see her. She was 99 years old. I was 37 and pregnant with my first child and we were celebrating together, my grandmother putting her warm hand on my growing belly.

Scroll forward nearly 18 years. I have discovered as I became a mother, an artist, an intuitive, that what comes from the heart carries layers of data we can’t begin to fathom until time passes.

So it was with my grandmothers belt buckle, with it’s two dancing stick figures that bare a striking resemblance to the Wako school emblem. I am sure now that this was my grandmothers way of assuring me Wako had been the right decision after all.

It was.

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