Heart to Heart Workshop

Heart to Heart: A Partners’ Art and Discussion Workshop

March 15, April 12 (national holiday)
2:30-4:30 pm
Fee: ¥5,000 per couple (Partner = couples, spouses, friends, parent-children, siblings. All welcome!)
Location: Genesis Art Studio, Wakabayashi Heim 2nd Floor 2-26-8 Taito
6 minutes from JR Okachimachi station, Hibiya or Ginza lines
Reservations: 090-4122-6626 or email: liane@axel.ocn.ne.jp

Genesis Art Studio
Genesis Art Studio

Tomoko and Ken

Ken Tsukidate

Ken and Tomoko

Heart to Heart Workshop 3:12:2015

Learn uplifting techniques for creating with your partner, your family member or dear friends, a new conversation that starts with a drawing and leads to a conversation full of love, encouragement, appreciation and approval. These are the 3 steps you’ll experience: drawing, listening deeply to your partner through a powerful “crossing the bridge” exercise and exploring content’s unconscious meaning through the Genesis Cards.

How to make sense of the artworks and the cards? By placing them in a row to create a bridge between artworks, a new conversation can begin. It’s a safe conversation as we speak through the connections we see in the art, between the cards and even the tea mugs. Thoughts and feelings that are hard to express in the rush of the day come much easier when filtered through positive feelings for an artwork.

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