Seven Principles of Genesis Art Workshops

Liane Wakabayashi

As a journalist, a deck of cards helped me become more creative and find more enjoyment from my work. At first it was someone else’s deck and over time, the deck became one I made myself. You may have this deck now. It’s called the Genesis Cards. And in the future, I hope you’ll have your own deck. Making art following these seven principles will open up doors to things you might never have imagined possible–like making so many beautiful works of art that you have in the pages of your sketchbook your own “set” of cards!

The Genesis Cards can help you access inner knowing and wisdom–like any of the thousands of decks of Oracle or Tarot Cards. However, the Genesis Cards do something that no other deck can do: the cards can guide you to make artistic and literary breakthroughs.

Here is the first principal of the Genesis Cards: that the cards lead you to make your own spiritually attuned artwork for accessing higher wisdom. What is often deep and hidden in the unconscious can be accessed only partially through someone else’s artwork. Your own artwork, however simple it may appear to you, penetrates deeper and more accurately than a spectacular artwork done by someone whose vibration and life story is uniquely expressed in their art. Simply put, their art is their art. And yours is yours to use as a key to access intuitive wisdom.

The second principal is that you don’t need a background in art to begin. Or a background in writing. All you need is a simple sketchpad. Your art is done on one side and the spontaneous writing in response to what you feel when you look at your finished artwork are written on the back. A Genesis session of art and writing can be as short or as long as your schedule permits. It can be done alone, or with other creative companions.

The third principal is that art is a collaborative process with the mysterious, the unknowable, the unifying force of all nature and life. I learned this in 2007, when a friend in a wheel chair unwittingly led me to an entirely different way of relating to the Genesis Cards. Her way was so simple and empowering that I switched to using this technique immediately. It’s not in the Guidebook, which was already printed when she taught me through her example. So I’ll share it with you here.

You pick a randomly selected card and hide it under the sketch paper until your drawing is done. Then, and only then, do you look at the card.

The fourth principal in Genesis Art Workshops is that the artwork you do promotes a sense of well being because you experience unity consciousness, or connectivity, by seeing links between your own work of art and a randomly selected card, but this is only the starting point. You’ll notice your clothes might be in the same hues as your artwork, or the person sitting across from you has unconsciously mirrored some aspect of your art in theirs.

The fifth principle is that by exploring these connections in art, you naturally make a gradual shift to seeing unity, peace, and perfection in your immediate surroundings and in your relationships-however challenging they may be. When all is connected, there is no room for victim or bully consciousness, regrets, addictions, obsessions or depression– the which are all too common today. Your art heals by revealing to you the truth that these are all illusions. You are a whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, and creative being–as the master intuitive Charles Haanel long ago proved when he wrote The Master Key System in 1917.

The Sixth Principal is that art, when done with an open heart and intuitive wisdom, can’t possibly veer into the neighborhood of self-judgment. Higher wisdom will speak through colors, form and line. Similarities between your art and your randomly selected card, turn a tendency toward self-judgment into self-appreciation — you have turned up to draw, you have mined your own infinite creativity, and unearthed a treasure of wisdom.

The Seventh Principal is that art and writing work together to relay messages from intuitive wisdom. When you write, prompted by a randomly pulled Genesis card, you penetrate the vast terrain of your unconscious and return with clear, focused specifics that related to a topic foremost in your mind.

Every Genesis experience is unique, and the uses for these cards is limited only by your imagination. Use the cards for problem solving, for planning and expediting, for healing, for relationship building, for artistic and literary breakthroughs, for uplifting your spirit and experiencing oneness.

Thank you for your interest in Genesis art. I give regular Genesis art workshops in Tokyo and travel worldwide so if you have a group interested in an intensive training please contact me for details. You can follow our community on – Genesister, and on or do feel free to write me with questions at

With love and appreciation,


By Liane Wakabayashi
By Liane Wakabayashi

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