Timeless Bliss and a Bouquet of Color


I love sharing what I’ve learned over the years about rubbing up against the mystery of the drawn and painted object. When we  step out of the everyday world of what we know about a flower, a stem and leaf, and a vase, we are free to draw out the essence of the object, which then  shines a light on the part of our being that we think is unknowable. This essence goes by o many names – Higher Wisdom, Expanded Consciousness,  and Presence, to name three of the most common.  

In this Genesis Art Workshop, we do this by closing our eyes, by not looking at the paper while we draw, by choosing colors at random–not entirely but just long enough to make a shift out of linear, rational thinking into a more expanded intuitive consciousness . I like to think of the process as a journey to the source of creativity. You know you’re there because the feelings of peace and well-being  experienced are sublime. You feel like you’re in a lightened  state suspended in time.


DSCN6569  DSCN6564

When you’re in this “flow,” time as we know it takes on a mysterious quality. We lose track. A few seconds are all that’s needed for one work of art materialize.  Hours to work on the details of another piece fly by so fast, you feel like its been a second since you started.  

DSCN6586  DSCN6589 2014-08-06 15.50.02 DSCN6563

The Genesis Cards are used to help us draw out the energy and understand what it is we’ve created  from a higher plane of awareness. Always there is a message of encouragement to see and act upon.


DSCN6597 Genesis Art Workshop 8/6-7

Genesis Art produced in this state of peacefulness is a joy to share with others and a treat to give to yourself. I hope you won’t hesitate to join a workshop when you feel moved to do so!

Women friends: we still have a few spaces open for you to join our Gifu Women’s Retreat 8/11-15. Details are found on the genesiscards.com website!

I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork done at this summer’s Genesis Art Workshop in Tokyo as much as we enjoyed creating these pieces using techniques that merge “outward looking” with “inner seeing.”

Happy Creative Summer!

Warm regards,



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