Women’s Genesis Art Retreat in historic Takayama area of Gifu-Prefecture

Women’s Genesis Art Retreat in historic Takayama area of Gifu-Prefecture 

Gifu Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture

Awakening Through Intuitive Art 

Monday August 11, 5 pm – Friday August 15  noon

Special super-low price! Four nights accommodation, ten meals, eight art workshops – Until  July 7 ¥32,000   After July 7 ¥38,000

For inquiries and workshop signup application phone 090-4122-6626 or email: lianewakabayashi@gmail.com

Awaken to the creative wisdom and uplifting messages that come from your drawings and paintings. In this workshop, the magnificent nature of Gifu prefecture inspires your own creativity. Learn to see how the outside world  is a reflection of the world within. You’ll experience how this tranquil, harmonious setting can stir within you feelings of wholeness, strength, well-being,  love,  and happiness. Enjoy four blissful days together with other women who share creating art from intuition.


The retreat has been designed with  structured time (2 workshops a day) and unstructured time for creative experimentation.  Neocolor water crayons, Pelikan paints and other medium are provided for free exploration. If you have your own art supplies, such as a set of oil or acrylic paints and canvas, feel free to bring them. The 44 Genesis Cards are used in most workshops to help you see both  perfection in what you have created and hear the wisdom of your intuition.

On the first day, nature’s beauty opens your heart to guide you learn to grasp the law of attraction. On the second day, shift the way you experience  your surroundings by exploring nature’s mysteries through the law of visualization. On the third day,  strengthen your powers of perception through close-up observation of nature through the laws of completion and wholeness.  On the fourth day, experience through art a simple heart-centered principal for understanding why synchronicities happen.

This retreat offers a  very special chance to experience the four precepts guiding intuitive art  that Liane experienced  17 summers ago while on creative retreat at Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland. Once you grasp the laws of creative manifestation by experiencing them through art, you can access this free flow of creativity anytime and cherish it as a treasure to activate many areas of your life.

Weather permitting, workshops take place outdoors in nature,  and otherwise in the huge  light-filled atelier space. Liane will lead two workshops daily, 9:00- 12:00 am and afternoon 3:00 – 6:00 pm. During afternoon break time, enjoy exploring the beautiful area on foot and by rented bicycle, relax at the farmhouse, or continue drawing and painting in the studio at your own pace.

This retreat is dedicated to artists who have participated in previous Genesis art workshops over the years, and to all women who feel they have lost touch with their creative selves, either as a result of the computer age we now live in or for other reasons. Women who have shied away from doing art  because they hadn’t yet found the reason are also warmly welcomed.

For  inquiries and reservations: 090-4122-6626 or email lianewakabayashi@gmail.com

For news, maps, travel tips and other information follow Farmhouse Retreat updates on https://www.facebook.com/events/1451926941721935/

Genesis Art is a gentle, heart-centered approach to developing your intuition through art. Liane Wakabayashi, a Jewish  New Yorker who has resided in Tokyo for 28 years, is inspired by the teachings of the ancient Taoist masters and Torah wisdom. This retreat offers a hands-on opportunity as well to experience through art  the universal principles found in  one of the greatest books ever written about the subconscious mind — The Master Key System, by Charles Haanel in 1917. 


Liane, if I was closer I would totally BE at your workshop!!! I am so glad to see how beautifully Genesis continues to evolve. And I love how you have built the retreat around the 4 precepts. Just reading about them in the description was a happy reminder to begin incorporating them in my own work when I get back into the studio.

KSP, Woodstock  New York



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