Recognize Your Intuitive Abilities

Gaston Gurervitz
Starbucks dancer by Liane Wakabayashi

I know it’s hard to believe this–but when I drew the figure on the right I had no awareness of dancer Gaston Gurewitz’s photo on the left.

Here is the sweet story behind the drawing on the right. I was in Starbucks when a man with his cell phone caught my eye. I drew him using one of art techniques you’ll learn at my cafe workshop. I had no idea what this picture meant except it did look like the man with the cell phone was suddenly a dancer.

Imagine my surprise when weeks later, I learned of a workshop her ein Tokyo by the amazing dancer Gaston Gurewitz, whose  photo pictured here caught my eye and immediately I made the link to this drawing.

It was my great pleasure to meet him in Tokyo. It was like meeting an old friend.

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