Genesis Art Workshops travel to Tsunami-hit Oshiki

A proposal to offer a Genesis collage workshop in one of the hardhit tsunami-destroyed towns in Miyage prefecture (Oshiki) has been accepted! The theme will be Spring Seeds–creating collage with fine washi papers as a way of generating hope. Looking forward to seeing what these mostly old people, along with some families and children ‘grow’. It’s often easier to visualize and then create in art what you want out of life–and then when you see what your heart desires take form in creative metaphors you can gently take steps toward changes that support life, uplift the spirit, tap into a well of creativity that can be applied to many other things as well as art. This workshop will be done to accompaniment of live music. We’re working on getting the musician lined up now.

I am seeking volunteers, funding, art supplies, whatever you can do to help make art a regular part of Oshiki lives at a time when depression is running high. Thank you for considering this much appreciated support.


PS Please feel free to contact me at with Oshiki Art Project the email subject . Thank you so much.

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