Signposts on the Journey of Life

The art on this Lesley College application form stunned me — as I opened up this page just hours after Shoko Yatabe painted this beautiful oil at Genesis art studio yesterday, December 5th.

Life is a road with signboards telling us to stop, to go, to pay attention. These signboards that especially appear through art — probably because I’m in the habit of noticing them — can be wonderful and mysterious, a perk and a pleasure to awaken to. They come as a jolt out of daily routine. But their true meaning manifests when I take action. I’ve learned over the years to not leap on board every “coincidence boat” sailing my way. I’ve learned that not every coincidence is intended or even wise to act upon. Still I believe that these visual syncronicities do speak to us from a marvelous spiritual dimension that encourages us to, yes, follow our dreams.

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