When Art Imitates Life

I love it when art imitates life!! I drew a pretty ordinary looking guy working on his cell phone at Starbucks back in Spring, about six months ago. I didn’t look at the paper while I drew him and the results are quite hilarious and syncronistic. I never imagined a dancer could hold a pose like this!

Now the question is this: could Gaston Gurevitz–Argentinian dancer, mime and clown have seen my drawing before this photo of him was taken? How come his pose is suspiciously similar to the one in my drawing? Which came first? His photo or my drawing? I will find out next Monday when I attend his dance class at Fab.

I made a gift of this drawing to my friends Kike and Brad, dancers extraordinaire and proprietors of Fab Dance Academy here in Tokyo soon after I made the drawing. It’s quite conceivable that Gaston saw the drawing . . .I’m intrigued to find out.

Stay tuned. I’ll report back. . .

10/22 update

This was more special than front row tickets to the best dance performance in town. Nothing could compare to the thrill of watching a dancer whom I previously thought was a figment of my imagination. WIth my sketchbook on my lap, I drew as Gaston stretched, led the class in pliets and impossible leaps. Every once in a while, I looked at Gaston and then into my box of crayons and realize how much I love doing an artist. Not being an artist. Doing an artist. ‘Being’ is passive. Artists ‘do’ and the universe sometimes in its infinite wisdom and love responds back. I choose who I draw out of a strong attraction. A man at Starbucks on his cell phone somehow morphed into this drawing of Gaston. While thousands of miles away in Thailand, where Gaston lives now, the dancer elected the photo here to put up on his website. Our signals crossed. A reunification with a missing part of myself has been retrieved. I found the dancer. I wonder what the charming Gaston found.

‘Gaston Gurevitz is special guest teacher at Fab Dance Academy this week and next Monday October 29th, 7:00-8:30 pm. For more information: http://fabacademytokyo.com/page.php?f=classes

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