Art and Synchronicity

Pictoral synchronicity

A synchronicity brings a feeling of instant connection to people I haven’t thought about in years or decades, and of being watched over, even protected. These special moments also serve as a wake up call, a pleasant reminder that we each have a life purpose and when we lead our lives with spiritual purpose, synchronistic events light up the route like giant billboards to cheer us on and remind us that we are on the right path after all.

It’s just when you’re ready to give up when synchronicities perform their roles as miracle workers. Jung was just on the verge of giving up on a particularly tough patient whom he described in Synchronicity as being highly resistant to dicussing her spiritual life. On that day she came in and described a dream set in Egypt in which a scarab beetle appears. Just then a strange tapping appeared at the window and Jung noticed that it was a rarely seen beetle. This patient was shocked by the synchronicity. Once she saw with her own eyes the beetle of her dreams actually tapping at Jung’s office window, she was ready to openly probe her own spiritual world. A barrier to open communication had been removed.

The key to enjoying a synchronicity is to talk about it.

You can talk about a synchronicity, write about it, but until now you probably never imagined that you could illustrate a synchronicity before the convergence of two unlikely events occurs in a single moment.

In my art I share every detail of a synchronicity each time one happens. And I encourage other artists to do as well. I would call these “acausal connections,” as Carl Jung termed them meaningful coincidences. To me, a meaningful coincidence synchronizes unanticipated meetings or connections with art that I make. I see it happen with Genesis Art students regularly and with other intuitive artists I know.

Genesis Art changes the way you relate to coincidences. You’ll be on the lookout through your art. A pictorial synchronicity is thrilling because you have no way of anticipating what the connection will be. Retelling a story of synchronicity is not only satisfying, but for our soul growth it is necessary. There is nothing more spiritually stagnating than to hold tight to your own fascinating miraculous stories. They are stories meant for sharing.

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