Syncronicity on the Beach

Greetings from Thailand!
Dear Liane,

I dont know if you’ll remember me but I’m Alejandro from Mexico and I joined you in one of your workshops.

Something courious just happened… I was reading a book at the bungalow Im staying at and I had an envelope inside the book… when I finished reading the book I opened the envelope and found the drawing that one of the guys who also attended the Genesis art meeting drew for me. Wow I was so surprised that the drawing is exactly as where I am staying right now… the style of the bungallow in front of a river with big plants with a shiny sun…

The beauty of manifestation.

I can’t remember the name of the guy but I remember that he is Chinese and he is good with computers… but please, if you see him again tell this to him, and that I’m very thankful that he drew this real scenery for me.

I hope that you and your family are in good health and with lot of happiness in your life.



とても面白いことが起きたのでご連絡いたします.私は休暇であるバンガロウにとまり、本を読んでいました。そして、本にはアル封筒が挟んでありました。 本を読み終えて封筒を開けると、リアンさんのワークショップに出た時に参加していた人が私のために描いてくれた絵がありました。そして、とても驚いたことに、その絵は私が今滞在しているところにそっくりだったのです。


***Im sending you the pictures of the place and the drawing

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